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The Top 15 Best Plants for Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It's where you go to unwind, rest, and find solace from the bustling outside world. But what if we told you that there are ways to make it even more of a haven? That's right! Having plants in your bedroom can improve your sleep, clean your indoor air, and even brighten up your mood. Here are the 15 best plants for your bedroom, guaranteed to deliver that much-needed tranquility.

1. Peace Lily

Regarded as one of the best plants for bedrooms, the Peace Lily is more than just an eye-catching display of white floral elegance. This indoor plant is a warrior when it comes to air purification, efficiently absorbing benzene, a common indoor air pollutant, while enhancing oxygen levels. Its aesthetic appeal and ability to thrive in indirect light make it a much-loved bedroom plant.

2. Spider Plant

For novice plant parents seeking a no-fuss, air-quality-enhancing houseplant, the spider plant is the perfect contender. This resilient plant is known to thrive in various light conditions, including low light and bright indirect light. Its ability to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen significantly enhances the bedroom air quality, facilitating better sleep and making it one of the best bedroom plants.

3. Snake Plant

Also known as Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, the snake plant is another resilient plant. Despite its prickly demeanor, it's an excellent plant to keep in your bedroom. It's easy to care for, requiring occasional watering and indirect sunlight. Like the peace lily, the snake plant is an air-purifying superstar, ridding your bedroom's air of toxins like benzene.

4. Aloe Vera

The gel of the Aloe Vera plant has multiple health benefits, but did you know that the plant itself is great for indoor air? The Aloe Vera plant thrives in indirect light and requires minimal watering.

5. English Ivy

This classic plant does well in indoor environments, particularly in bedrooms with less direct sunlight. English Ivy can absorb toxins from the air, ensuring you breathe cleaner, fresher air as you sleep.

6. Rubber Plant

Rubber plants are attractive indoor plants that add a touch of elegance to any bedroom. They love bright, indirect light and prefer to be kept in cooler temperatures.

7. Areca Palm

The Areca Palm, with its lush green leaves, can bring a tropical vibe to your bedroom. This plant is a powerhouse in terms of improving air quality by removing toxins and adding humidity to dry indoor air.

8. Corn Plant

Also known as Dracaena, the corn plant is an indoor plant that's hardy and straightforward to care for. It does well in low light conditions and can effectively improve indoor air quality by removing toxins.

9. Fiddle Leaf Fig

The Fiddle Leaf Fig is a favorite among houseplant enthusiasts for its unique, glossy leaves. It prefers bright, indirect light and requires careful watering. It's an excellent addition to any bedroom, lending both aesthetic appeal and air purifying benefits.

10. Cast Iron Plant

True to its name, the Cast Iron plant is sturdy and durable, capable of surviving in low light and extreme temperatures. It's an easy-care plant that can enhance the air quality in your bedroom.

11. Boston Fern

Boston Ferns add a touch of elegance and greenery to your bedroom. These plants are relatively easy to maintain, requiring indirect sunlight and regular watering. They are excellent at purifying indoor air by removing toxins and increasing humidity.

12. Golden Pothos


The Golden Pothos is a versatile and resilient plant. It can thrive in various light conditions and is known to purify indoor air. Its cascading vines add a charming touch to your bedroom décor.

13. ZZ Plant

ZZ Plants are robust and can survive in various conditions, including low light. They are an excellent choice for those who are still getting their green thumb as they are straightforward to care for and can improve indoor air quality.

14. Lavender

Known for its soothing fragrance, Lavender can promote better sleep. Its purple flowers add a pop of color to your bedroom. Lavender prefers lots of light, so make sure it gets plenty of bright indirect sunlight.

15. Bamboo Palm

This beautiful plant can make a statement in any bedroom with its feathery, arching fronds. Bamboo Palm is known for its air-purifying abilities, making it another healthy addition to your bedroom.


From the hardy Snake Plant to the ever-elegant Peace Lily, there are numerous options when it comes to choosing the best plants for your bedroom. With these plants, you can improve your indoor air, sleep better, and transform your bedroom into a personal oasis of tranquility and calm. So go on, explore, and embrace your green thumb. Happy planting!

Disclaimer: The indoor plants discussed in this article can provide numerous benefits to your home and overall wellbeing. However, if you have pets or young children at home, it is crucial to ensure each plant's safety before bringing it into your living space. Some plants can be harmful or toxic if ingested. We recommend consulting with a veterinarian for pets and a pediatrician for young children or conducting thorough research to confirm the safety of these plants. Always supervise your pets and children around indoor plants for their safety.

August 25, 2023 by Janelle Viramontes
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