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Our Story

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The stars shone bright
on a calm and soothing night

Gently swaying trees
were caressed by the night's breeze

Creative minds resting at ease
dreaming of faraway seas

Suddenly a vigorous sound arose
making us write this prose

With his heart beating fast
Julien awoke with a gasp

Not just once or twice
he definitely heard it more than thrice

He looked over and saw his sweet clover

Janelle was wide awake
itching and scratching until her skin started to flake

Hives started to spread
all because of her bed

Every day, every night
Julien woke to the same sight

She had scratches and gashes, an irritable face
sadly, their sheets were a disgrace

Dermatographia is what it is called
when the action of scratching leaves you mauled

She had to be careful allergic she was

Should she give in, in to the itch

She knew it would spread
leaving marks in their stead

Any slight pilling or roughness in touch
was all it took for her itch to be too much

When every night turned out the same
Julien realized there needed to be change

They embarked on a journey, his brother joined in.

Charles, Julien, and Janelle looked far and wide
They tried very hard to close the divide

They narrowed it down, down to one kind.

A fabric known for no roughness
instead a feather light softness

They discovered the best type of fiber
known to the world as high end microfiber

The search came to end
but an idea was right around the bend

The company began
The Bed Sheets was ran

We have one simple mission
Help those with a sensitive skin condition

Sleep Well!

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