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Which Fabric Is Best To Sleep On When Sensitive Skin Is An Issue

Over 5 million Americans are living with ultra sensitive skin conditions, which are commonly referred to as dermatographia. These conditions mean your skin is incredibly prone to breaking out in a rash, being itchy, stinging, and many more issues. As a result, it’s easy for things to irritate your skin - particularly when you’re trying to sleep.

Sleeping with dermatographia is incredibly tough due to the fabric of your bedsheets. Most natural fibers are sadly not soft enough to stop the rash or prevent any itching. If anything, they trigger sensitive skin issues by rubbing against you. As such, trying to sleep with sensitive skin is hard as you wake up a lot because of your rashes or itchiness.

This begs the question; what is the best sensitive skin fabric out there? Is there anything that helps you sleep while soothing your skin condition and not triggering it? The answer is yes; custom- weaved microfiber.

This particular fabric comes with a wide variety of benefits that make it perfect for people with extra-sensitive skin. If you want to know how it could potentially help you, then check out the benefits below:

Soft to the touch

One of the reasons microfiber sheets are so good for people trying to sleep with sensitive skin is that it’s soft. It’s very soft to the touch, which makes it extremely comfortable to lie in. You don’t get the slight roughness that a lot of natural fabrics bring - particularly cotton.

Consequently, the fabric doesn’t rub against your skin and cause irritation. Sleeping with dermatographia is made easier because of how gentle microfiber is to your skin. These sheets are so delicate that you almost feel as though you’re wrapped up in silk!

What's more, our microfiber sheets have been double brushed - which basically means they’re even softer than usual. So, you get even less irritation, leading to an uninterrupted night of sleep.

Very light

Another benefit of microfiber is that it’s a light fabric. You’ve probably never noticed how heavy things like cotton or polyester are, but you’ll feel a difference when you try microfiber fabric sheets. This makes it an excellent sensitive skin fabric as it doesn’t feel like it weighs down on you while you sleep.

When you combine this with how soft and smooth they are, microfiber sheets become so brilliant at preventing skin irritation. In many ways, you almost forget that you’re in bed with sheets covering you.


Microfiber sheets are hypoallergenic, which is highly beneficial for people with sensitive skin. Primarily, this means they’re unlikely to cause allergic reactions because allergens aren’t trapped in the fabric fibers. With a lot of natural fibers, things like dust or pet hairs can become trapped in the fibers and trigger allergic reactions.

As you can imagine, if you have ultra-sensitive skin, then the chances of you breaking out in an allergic rash are very high. This happens to a lot of people while they sleep - particularly if they have pets. But, with microfiber, you’ve got a fabric that helps prevent this. As such, it’s one less thing for your skin to worry about.

Great for warmth

Cold climates are terrible for people sleeping with dermatographia. Even if you don’t have sensitive skin, you know feel the effects of cold air. It dries out your skin and makes it very rough, which leads to issues like eczema or rashes. When you have ultra-sensitive skin, even the slightest bit of cold air can trigger problems for you.

Therefore, there are issues when you sleep with sensitive skin in cold environments. Your skin becomes very irritated by the cold, and you wake up because of it. But, microfiber has the benefit of being excellent for warmth. This is due to how the fabric is so tightly woven, making it hard for any heat to escape. As a result, you can lie in bed and feel nice and toasty, which allows your skin to avoid irritation.

Summary: Microfiber sheets are the best fabric for sensitive skin

If sensitive skin keeps you up at night, then you have to find the most suitable fabric out there. Most other fabrics will have a slightly rough feel that can rub against your skin as you toss and turn in the night. Naturally, this wakes you up as your dermatographia flares up! Microfiber is the best option because it is so soft, lightweight, hypoallergenic, and warm. All of these features combine to create a material that caresses your skin and doesn’t provide any irritation.

As a consequence, you can sleep all through the night without any interruptions. If you like the sound of this, then try some ultra-soft microfiber sheets today.

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